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These are artistic representations of the story itself. This seems to be a very popular one for children’s stories.

This is a more cartoon like depiction. I found it at http://theoverflowinglife.blogspot.com/2011/06/angel-tells-philip-where-to-go.html
but I could not find where it came from originally.

this is the first image of a 3d rendered version of the story from Bibletown.com (http://www.bigbibletown.com/synopsis.asp?S=philip)

Though this is a "fine art print", it reminds me of the art from the children's story bibles that were in every doctor's/dentist's office when I was a kid.
it is here for those who wish to purchase it.

Other Artistic Representations

These are a little less “children’s bible”

here the official is surrounded by an entourage as he encounters Philip.
I couldn't find artistic credits but I found the image here.

this artist likewise adds characters who are silent in the text.
(I don''t know where folks went to school but they rarely site their sources...and that burns my butt...but this image can be found here.

this is from a set of images that tells the story. This text is the legendary basis for the beginning of the Ethiopian church. found: here

after explaining the scriptures (like the risen Christ had done to the disciples in Luke) the official asks to be baptized. from the same site as above.

Icons: the ancient of practice of visual prayer.

both the event depicted in our passage for Sunday and St. Philip have been the subject of icons here are a few examples

Here Philip is young a "clean shaven".

here an older Philip begins to illuminate the scriptures for his traveling companion.