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bringing in more “voices” to the conversation. We have experienced art and media, thought about the scripture.

For me I see the need to hold a tension between “forgiveness” and “sin”. As weird as it sounds, at times I feel very willing to forgive and in doing so pretend nothing wrong was ever done. Then we have the folks that never let you live anything down, you know what you did wrong but you never are forgiven.

How can we proclaim “forgiveness of sin” without swinging too much towards “forgiveness without acknowledging sin” or “making sin so prevalent forgiveness is forgotten.”

Here are some thoughts…

Here is an excellent article on the neurological effects if forgiveness. 

Following our artistic interpretation of Mandela and South Africa here is Bishop Desmond Tutu.
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks gives a brilliant and deep exploration of forgiveness.
Mother Theresa links humility with forgiveness. 
A conversation with wisdom from Dali Lama (and others).

Fred Luskin, PhD gives a look at forgiveness from a psychological perspective.